Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 years ago today (er, two days ago)

Can't believe I missed this, June 21st has always been a kind of a special day to me. Besides being the day I left for basic training, it was also my Army 'ETS' date: 'end of time in service'. What I'm saying is, two days ago, I missed the 20 year anniversary of my getting out of the active Army. I stayed in the National Guard for five more years -- 'one-weekend-a-month' kind of thing -- but June 21st, 1991 was the day I first came home. After Georgia, and Texas, and Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, and what seemed like an eternity of missing my mommy (and subsequently learning to drink).

In honor of that, I've uploaded a few more ancient pictures to my Army web album. Take a look. And then, next time you see me, you can buy me a celebratory beverage. Alcoholic, preferably, because drinking is the one skill I've maintained all these years.


Anita said...

I love this blast into your past. My husband is still in the CO Air Natl Guard parttime. We like to say we're hooked on the big blue bottle. And, hey, thanks for your service!

Veeflower said...

I love these pictures of our young American heroes, and was fortunate to get to meet a few of them, too. Your new blog is cool, Ray, especially because you always seem to feed my freaky need for pictures, pictures, and more pictures!