Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catch up with Ray

  • Getting ready for SCBWI in LA, looking forward to meeting new people, and meeting old people for the first time face-to-face (yeah, I'm talking about you, Bryan Bliss)

  • Part of getting ready was ordering new business cards. Here they is: (I was going for simple and bold and cheap, what do you think?)

  • Thinking about revamping the old blog. Ain't tinkered with it in a few years, and since it's going to be on the business card which I will be passing out to important new folks, might be time to 'professional' it up.


Writing-wise, my status is thus

  • My local writer's group (the Vellum) is critting the latest version of Talonshale right now.

  • I've started the final editing for Elfhame, the "art project" that my artist friend and I are going to self-publish. She's been working on the cover recently and it looks AMAZING and I can't wait to share it.

  • And as soon as that is done, I can go back and finish the first draft of Chronon -- my current WIP which is about 50% done (170-ish pages)

That's it for me for now. What's everybody else been up to this summer?


Kelly Polark said...

You lucky dog getting to go to SCBWI LA! I want to go one day.
I hope your cool new business cards get lots of circulation!

Jean Davis said...

The bcards look great!

Busy around here so not much writing getting done, but I have been attacking my to be read pile this month. Feel like I'm accomplishing something at least.

Anita said...

Word slinger: Sounds like you're busy as always. My summer has been filled with a weird illness and lots of writing. I'm almost 100% now and am looking forward to spending much of the hot months outside. Woo-hoo!

Bryan B. said...

It's going to be fun, man. I'm pysched. And you've inspired me to get some business cards. Although, mine might not be 100% professional...

Ray Veen said...

Kelly -- I would absolutely love to meet you at a conference someday.

Jean -- Reading IS productive for a writer, so I agree; you are accomplishing something.

Anita -- Sounds like you're taking some time off from writing? I'm interested in your ebook, but I may have to order a hard copy, as I still have no e-reader.

Bryan -- The header from you blog would make a great business card. Just add your email somewhere, and "JEDI-NINJA-HOMEBOY" to the red stripe. Btw -- use Vistaprint -- cheapest way to get business cards by far.

Vikki said...

The cards look awesome! (and Vista Print mine from there too for FREE!)

My life is pure chaos right now...I have an insane 9 month old (she's awesome, but a total lunatic) AND I'm desperately trying to finish book 3. There aren't enough hours in the day!!

(Hey...sounds like we may run into each other at Carrie's launch party on the 23rd!) :)

Ray Veen said...

Vivi -- I totally gave up on writing for the first three years of the twin's lives. Although they're worth it in every other way, babies make it so dang hard to write novels and things.

Really looking forward to meeting you in person, lady.

Anonymous said...

Wait, we have a local writer's group?! Why was I not aware of this? (Probably because I'm horrible at deadlines! Hah.)

But seriously, awesome news about the projects you've been working on. Can't wait to read them when they hit store shelves :)

-Andrew A.