Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Since I'm blogging again...

Because my reasons for blogging have changed dramatically, I plan to do a few things differently.  These here, are 'Ray's Rules for Blogging' (new and improved):


1. The primary audience for this blog -- is future me.  As such, I plan to think of this as on online diary, one in which I wont get mad if people find and read it.

2. I won't hesitate to share boring or tedious stories about my family, because I won't worry about boring my audience, because my audience is 'future me', and that guy LOVES stories about my kids.

3. I won't apologize for long time gaps between posts because present me got annoyed with past me for doing that pretty much every 2.5 posts.  (I understand there were six-month gaps all over the place, but future me probably won't be paying real close attention to the time stamp -- present me didn't.)

4.  I'm gonna try to tone down the split-personality shtick

5. I'm gonna let myself  use appropriate, grown-up expletives because that's just how present m... er, that's just how "I" talk. (shit-fuck-damn-shit)

6.  I blog for fun.


That is all.


Vikki said...

And both my future and present self are totally geeked about you blogging again, especially if you're going to use bad words. My favorite new one is "fucknuggets", which you can totally borrow. It can be used as a exclamation: "Oh, fucknuggets, I missed Downton Abbey!" or it can be used as an adjective: "Look at the fucknuggeting line in Starbucks!"


Ray Veen said...

Nice! So we'll blog together. About any fucknuggety thing we damn well please. I'm liking this.