Friday, February 13, 2015

I really admire the guy who wrote this blog.

The last two days, I've gone back and read every single post, from the beginning.  Every. Single. Post.  I also read Wordslinger's earlier blogs: Chilldaddy, about his writing, and Veenie Babies, about his family (this blog is apparently his 2008 attempt to combine the two), and the experience was quite... something.

It was interesting.  It was funny.  It was even poignant at times.  But mostly -- it was inspiring.  Before I say how, I should mention that it wasn't all good.  If I'm being honest, the chronicles of his almost bi-monthly attempts to quit smoking were kind of pathetic.  As was his delusional certainty that he'd be a published author within the next few years.  I really feel kind of bad for the guy, in an almost grateful 'thank-God-I'm-not-that-dude' sort of way.  You know, like when you drive by a horrific traffic accident and then feel a little guilty because you're not so much sympathetic, but more relieved, because neither you nor your loved ones were involved.  Anyhow...

You want to know what was inspiring?  Wordslinger was one passionate son of a bitch.  Dude was all about his writing, and thoroughly, almost sickeningly, infatuated with his family.  I myself spend most of my free time drinking and playing guitar and X-box, whereas Mr. Wordslinger set goals and accomplished things.  And very impressively balanced the pursuit of his dreams with the needs of his charming young family.

Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself a worthless slob, by any means, but when I compare myself to the author of these blogs, I find myself a little lacking.  I find myself wanting to be more like him: to learn from him, and get back to doing important things for important people. I also think I'd like to maybe publish a book some day.

The first step, I think, would be blogging.  Not to attract followers, or 'network', or try to impress anybody in any way.  But purely for the writing practice.  And also for some future version of me that might come back and read these things and be grateful that someone had the wisdom and foresight to chronicle these shockingly brief years.

In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Wordslinger.  It was very enlightening following your progress and hearing your thoughts on your path to publication (despite the fact that it never happened).  More importantly, I'm extremely thankful for the stories you shared, the places that you went, the adorable things your children did and said that would have been lost to history had you not blogged about it ten years ago.

Yes, I started my first blog TEN years ago.

And I am soooo glad I did.



Bryan B. said...

How funny that I came back to read some of your old posts and found this.

Ill blog if you do.

Ray Veen said...

That would be extremely cool, Mr. Bliss. Seems almost predestined, doesn't it? Let us begin...

VeeFlower said...

Two things. First, about paragraph two I knew you wrote the post, because I recognized your "voice." Authors have "voices", of course, so that was a big compliment. Second, guess what, I have been reading Talonshale the past few days before I go to bed, and even though it's an unedited version, I am not only enjoying the heck out of it, I catch myself really admiring SO much about it. So kudos. I have even been going to bed earlier so I can keep reading. And I feel kinda deflated to realize I am going to come to the end soon. It feels like a loss. Wondered how long Wordslinger would be on hiatus. You can't keep him down, you know.

Vikki said...

I did the same thing last week. Gosh, that Vivi girl was rather whiney and frustrated. But she was kinda funny, so I guess it's all good. :)

(and I'll totally blog again if you do!)

Unknown said...

I am really thoroughly enjoying reading through your blog Uncy Ray(: These posts show your heart and your talent. Guess I've been missing this side of you lately. I admire you too. Always have, always will.