Friday, February 15, 2013

Heh.  Two months since my last weekly blog post.  Fitting.  Also a nice segue into what I'm here to talk about today.  See, I do this thing where I slam through my writing projects and make monster progress for a few months, and then... crickets.

Right now, I'm coming off crickets.

Since my kids started school last fall, I self-published one book (an art project), wrote another book, and edited a third.  And then in December, I took a break.  Kind of a 'catch my breath during the holidays' sort of thing. If you want to know the truth, besides Christmas and everything, I spent most of that month vegging out on Skyrim.  In case you haven't heard of it, it's the best damn video game of all time.  For real.  And it took me well into January to finish most everything.  Then my birthday came, and my amazingly sweet and hot wife gave me a banjo.  Because I just love the hell out of some Mumford & Sons.

So yeah, my 'holiday sabbatical' lasted until Valentine's day.  And here's what I have to show for it:

No, I'm not done playing the banjo.  I just feel like I've reached a sort of a hurdle.  Confident enough to back off a bit and spend the bulk of my free time doing what I'm supposed to be doing: writerly stuff.  Until summer, anyway.  Cuz that's a whole new sabbatical.


Vikki said...

I know I already said so on Facebook, but that was totally amazeballs! I bought a ukulele for my birthday last year. My first goal was to actually learn how to spell "ukulele", so I've gotten that far. But I love the idea of taking a writing sabbatical and learning something nifty. Maybe I'll do that next. (Also, as a side bar, WE COULD TOTALLY START OUR OWN BAND. We'd be like The White Stripes! Okay, probably nothing like The White Stripes. BUT STILL.)

Kelly Polark said...

Nicely done, sir.
Progress. You play a mean banjo!