Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waiting to sleep

No, it's not part two of my conference experience. It's not even about writing. Unless 'songwriting' counts for something. Sorry for leaving you all hanging on that, and for neglecting my blog and whatnot, but this is kind of more important. This is a song I wrote for Cindy, recorded on my phone, and then made a video. Watch and enjoy. (And cut me some slack for being a bad writer/blogger guy).

BTW, this is my first post from my Android. Now that Blogger's on my phone maybe I'll update more often. Or not.


Kelly Polark said...

That is so incredibly sweet, Ray.
Did your wife bawl when she heard it/saw it?

You two are very lucky to have each other. It is very apparent your love runs deep!

Awesome lyrics and tune!!

cindy said...

i loved it :)

HUBBYMAN said...

It was a great video. A lot of what you said about Cindy, I feel the same about Veeflower.


Jody Lamb said...

How sweet!