Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wedding of the Century

Congratulations Laura and Chris, we are all so, so, sooo happy for you. You're wedding was very touching and sweet and funny, and none of us will forget this day as long as we live.

Here are a few video highlights. But I have to warn you; watch Laura's speech to Chris with a box of tissues - even the stoniest heart will be deeply moved. I chose not to include Chris's speech to Laura because, well, it's the sort the kind of thing one would need to get express written permission to share with the public. But trust me on this: it was every bit as awesome.

The wonderful song that the girls sang during the bridal dance. I had a hard time deciding whether I should be filming the bride and groom, or the singers, so I kind of divided it between the two. Hope that's okay.

I'm going to get started making a big DVD for Laura and Chris. It will include the full video, and some photo slideshows, and I'm going to need your help. I have very few photos, mainly because my camera takes such terrible stills. Laura, Jamie, Mom, please get me a digital copy of all of your photos from the wedding, and well as any music files you think might be appropriate. Once the DVD is done, I want to give you all copies, and send some to Dad and Grandpa and Uncle Brian and anybody else who might want to reminisce about our wonderful night.


Roo said...

Congrats to Laura and Chris. It looks like a beautiful wedding.

shortensweet said...

Nice pics and great cropping :)

It really was a nice wedding. I got to see Mrs. Baldus yesterday. It was weird....Mrs. Chris..or is it Mr. Laura?

bunnyjo georg said...

I love the pictures! Your camera may not take great stills, but you have a great eye. How'd you get a pic of me without me making a funny face? Perhaps I had already had my 2 glasses of wine....

I have over 150 great pictures of the wedding, many of the dancing and the guests. Britt tooks pics of the ceremony but most were blurry because of the low lighting (tricked my camera into focusing on nothing?!?!). Anyway, I fixed my computer memory problem last night so it won't crash, so I can burn that CD for you of the pics. I'll try to do that tonight. Did I hear something about a Friday night fraccas at Mi Bar?

bunnyjo georg said...

Hey, I'm going to call you. I've got a CD with over 150 pictures of the wedding! :) Plus I made some prints for you.

AND...I've got the Lost Room series you can borrow. Britt and Grace and Emily stayed up to 2:30 watching it - they couldn't quit, it's that good!!!!

I'm such a good sister. :)

bunnyjo georg said...

Oh, wait, there's more. Last night Chris and I watched the video. He was sniffing and tearing up while he watched me saying my vows. Then when we watched the girls singing, I looked up and he had a tear running down his cheek and had to step away a moment to "get something out of his eye." :)
You gotta love a guy like that.