Friday, April 4, 2008

Lil' Cheerleaders

This post here's mainly for the aunts and grandmas that check my blog. All others are free to watch and read and whatnot, but I don't know how interested you'll be in four minutes of discordant yelling and jumping.

As promised: the little cheerleading video (and a couple of pics).

I asked Paige, "What do cheerleaders do?"

"We're supposed to cheerlead for the team, so they can have some energy... and help them win."

Ain't little girls cute?


shortensweet said...

they are so cute! little darlings...someone needs to teach them about speghetti arms though :)

Paige seems to be really into this. I'm betting she'll be a dancer.

So, how ya feeling Ray?

Ray Veen said...

much betta

I HATED missing that breakfast. I mean, how often will the three of us get together after one of us gets married. Got a feeling I'll be regretting this for a while.

FYallsI: I left my camera charging cord in my hotel, so I can't get started on the movies and things until I get it back. Please-please-please email me any pictures you want included in the big DVD thing I'm doing.

VeeFlower said...

What big DVD thing are you doing? Cuz I have tons of pictures! Oh, and by the by, the video is so cute, the girls are just adorable, wish they could stay 7 for at least another year or two!