Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So here's why I haven't been updating this month: I have some monster momentum going on my writing. I wrote 18 pages today, 17 yesterday, 20 on Friday, and I've written pretty much 15 pages or more every day for the last few weeks. Not bad for a guy that gets less that 6 hours of sleep a night. Of course, one or two days a week I pass out from exhaustion and only get about ten pages or less done - damn my weakness.

As of today, my book has grown to 312 pages - by far my longest book so far - and I don't expect to wrap the first draft up in any less than 80 - 100 more pages. Hopefully by the end of next week. After that, it goes in a drawer for a few weeks, then I start the PAINFUL editing process, and then, hopefully by mid-summer, I can start querying agents. That's my plan anyway. Think I might dabble in a few short stories in the midstwhile.

So, yeah, I know I've neglected a log of blogging. I've got some soccar videos, the daddy-daughter dance, and some new construction on my house to blog about. And, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the reception/dancing slideshow which I fully intend to post. Do you feel tantalized? Intrigued? If you don't, you should, cuz it's good.

See y'all soon.


shortensweet said...

Are you sure you should be a writer?


Hey, I can't find your email addy...what is it?

shortensweet said...

Oh wait..nevermind..it's right by your picture.

shortensweet said...

why did you put in on there?
Did you get my email yet?

Ray Veen said...

Sorry, didn't understand your last comment. Please enunciate and elucidate (how's that for being a writer?).

Anonymous said...

Oh, snap, you wrote a book with a semi-decent length! I'm proud of you! ;)