Thursday, March 13, 2008

Veenie Babies: Ready to go!

Come with us, on a journey of the everyday, the commonplace, the life that is the Veens, as videographed by Chantze. Experience if you will, the full range of emotions that the Veenie Baby experience has to offer: thrill at the adventure, languish in the doldrums, laugh at the hijinks, and bite your nails at the frustrating and shaky bits.

It all starts early on a Sunday afternoon.

Picture this: the tender mother gives her children a Bible lesson because the lazy father keeps them home from church, and somewhere along the way, a plucky young twelve year old discovers, at his elbow, a video camera - unattended - and simply begging to be fiddled with. His fashion-sensible diva of an older sister bears the brunt of his creativity, while the rest of the clan wanders in and out of the picture, innocently having their likenesses captured, all the while never suspecting that soon, their candid and quiet home life will be displayed for all to see... on the world wide web.

Even the dog gets in the show, here at Veenie Baby land.

So grab some popcorn and a family-friendly beverage and enjoy, because the Veenie Babies are ready to go! (to Wendy's house, in case your curious)


disclaimer: the odd text you've just read was merely a result of the time it was necessary to kill while the video was uploading, and the boob-shot was purely accidental. No member of the Veen family is in serious need of therapy.


shortensweet said...

well..hmmm..aa..well, interesting
at least he isn't playing video games.

it was cute, poor Hailie, he's like a video stalker. :)

Did pepper ever leave the van? if didn't say goood girl pepper..poor dog, she probably needs thepery.

VeeFlower said...

I really really loved this slice o' life! Except for the Blair Witch photography. Sorry are a better actor than videographer! Luv u!