Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Gaw. I've been working on my car for three days - not sure if I've got it fixed yet. You know I really suck at anything mechanical right? What I need is a big strong man around the house, to fix the crack in the wall, the hole in the bathroom, the one lightswitch, the broken panel on the island, the drywall seam on the cathedral ceiling, and then, I'd have him go outside and get those cars in good working order, but only after he finished mowing and patching the lawn, transplanting some trees at the edge of the field, filling in the holes in the driveway, and the landscaping between the sidewalk and the house. Of course, after all that, he'd probably just come back in and flip on the TV and expect to drink my beer. Jerk.

If I ever get published, maybe I'll hire me a sherpa of some kind.

Writing-wise, I emailed the mega-agent to give her my new addy, and her assistant wrote back, saying that they appreciate my extreme patience, and that I can continue to send my manuscript out while they continue to consider it. That's really good. It means I can continue to send my manuscript out while they continue to consider it. So, I'm back in the market.

Before I received this request for exclusivity, I had a whole slew of agents carefully researched and targeted for solicitation. I kept the ol' query gun carefully aimed these last two months, but I had the safety on and the ammo in my back pocket. Today I'm gonna lock, load, and pull the trigger.

Wish me luck.

(shout out to sparkle_girl19, wuzzup!)


shortensweet said...

Wow - so you don't really have a good excuse for not updating

I know you have pictures of the party for laura and chris..why aren't you sharing them?

That's it, you're grounded from the baked beans

Mary O. Paddock said...

Ray, the fact that one would talk to you at all mean's you're sending out the right signals. I'd say you're at least moving in the right direction.

Ray Veen said...

Jamie - check your timestamps, 11 days between updates for you and six for me. So gimme some baked beans.

(only one of my party pics turned out, and it's very similar to one that's posted on another blog.)

Mary - Thanks for that. I guess I am moving in the right direction, but I am so ready to reach the destination.

shortensweet said...

My excuse is, I don't have kids and I just work and come home. Nothing blog worthy happens to me. YOU on the other hand, have very entertaining that means...I'll share my beanie babies with you.

VeeFlower said...

The world is waiting for your stories, and soon an astute agent will realize that.

Anonymous said...

Hey big, if there were to be a fire (while its still cool) I am able to do electrical work, I could offer some pointers as to what is needed with the cars and I do have a riding lawn mower if things get a bit overwhelming. I am big but not so strong anymore, Chris has been essential to getting things done around here (under my tutelage of course)

Ray Veen said...

Hey, thanks yoob, sorry I only just now saw your comment. I might take you up on that electrical if my light switch stings me.

Maybe Chris would want to be my husband? He's a strong and handsome fella, and I just know that he doesn't do anything unwholesome like drink beer or watch TV.

Anonymous said...

Well, he does do some of those things but at the same time he sort of likes to be punished for them.