Monday, February 18, 2008

The Royal Phams

Here are some pictures from a renaissance birthday party we hosted for Hunter and Fisher. As the photographical evidence plainly shows, it was good fun, owing mainly to Wendy's sense of creativity and her exhaustive preparation (even though she was sick). For example: the guy in stocks, whom my lovely eldest daughter is preparing to decapitate, was actually a pinata with Trieau's facial features blown-up, cut-out, and pasted-on from Photoshop. The tomatoes were mini-pinatas provided for the unruly mob to throw at the malefactor.
Nice job, Wendy, and nice job, Cindy - for making our house clean and presentable-like so that they wouldn't be no beer bottles and candy wrappers and stains and crumbs all over. Wouldn't want the relation knowin how we really live.


bunnyjo georg said...

Wow, looks like a lotta fun! It is a lot of work to put something like that together, but well worth the effort when you see all the happy looks on the little tots faces. Wendy does tend to be a tireless preparer of everything - she makes me tired just watching her. Myself,I've been really sick not just sorta sick like Wendy, so I haven't done anything so my body can heal sooner. ;0 Anyway, looks like a great party and fun for all!

shortensweet said...

Looks like it was fun! I'm glad the kids had a fun weekend.
Wendy really went all out. How cool!

VeeFlower said...

What a great party! I can tell the kids just loved the theme and all the cute, creative things that went with it. I love the head in the stocks and the cake looks awesome! What a wonderful way to celebrate!