Friday, February 15, 2008

A night in the life.

I got a cute note last night and now I'm using it for a bookmarker.

Backstory: The kids didn't have school today so last night, the twins tried to stay up late enough to see me when I got out of work. They didn't make it. They ended up in bed with Cindy instead. But on the counter, I found this note:

"Dear Dady. Pleas move me in the living room koch and move my pilloe and blanket on the living room koch. From: Paige Veen"

Here's a recent picture of the kids, cuz I haven't posted anything on Veenie Babies in almost a year.


bunnyjo georg said...

Awwww! I miss those misspelled notes from the girls, they are so cute. Especially like the part "From: Paige Veen" - so formal. It makes you wonder what she was thinking. What, no "love, Paige"?

Tell Chantze I said he looks really kick ass with his camo and deadly sub-machine gun. Only try to say it without swearing. Bad aunt!

By the way, I saw Hailie at the school yesterday. She looked SO grown up with all those other 8th graders. She had just walked into computer class, and I wanted to get her attention, but I learned my lesson from the time before when I was at the school. Grinning and waving at your kids or their friends does not make you look cool and does not make them look cool. Better to just "be cool." Parents, sheesh!

shortensweet said...

I got to spend some time with the giggle girls tonight, well, and Chantze too. Ya know, this is the most I've seen them in a long time.

Last Saturday and tonight.


shortensweet said...

I was just looking at the pics again..brooke cracks me you have any pictures of her not laughing? that girl laughs ALL the time. Well, other than that times she's crying.

Unknown said...

Bunny you shoulda done it anyway. Embarrassing Hailie is one of our primary household concerns.

Sweetshortseater, an astute observation. She is a bubbly little thing, yet she does make sharp turns into the misery lane. Do you think she'll be manic?