Friday, July 29, 2011

Shout out to a special family

Meet Amy and Eric.  They're about to meet their son, Grayson (if they haven't already).  She's this cool nurse I work with in surgery, and right about now, she's having one of the biggest moments of her life.  Her and her husband are in China as we speak, preparing to bring home this special little guy that they've been waiting years for.  It's particularly poignant because, ten years ago, they lost their natural son, Ryan. 

So do me a favor: click on over to her new blog and congratulate her.  Personally I think international adoption is one of the more beautiful things in our world, and if you agree with me, go, read her story, leave her a comment letting her know that you support her and that you're excited for her.  I'm sure it'll make an already amazing week even more memorable for her.

Tell her Ray sent you.

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Ethan Martin said...

I totally agree, international adoption is great. My sister has 2 wonderful little boys (half-brothers) from South Korea. I was there both times when she picked them up at the airport, we had quite the entourage.