Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What October hath wrought:

So hey, you ever read back through your old blog posts and think to yourself, "I used to be a much more better blogger than I am now?" (forgive me for rambling or making mistakes -- I'm having a couple drinks) I was looking for something in an old blog post (I kind of forgot what it was now) and I started reading my old stuff and I found myself actually laughing. Out loud. At my own blog posts. I used to be a helluva blogger. funny too. Now i'm just a pathetic social networker who checks Facebook on my phone every hour on the hour -- just like the other six-hundred bajillion people on planet Earth.

Guess I'm feeling kind of 'out-of-body' today. And it's not just the gin and Guinness and LeBatts. I also quit smoking for the 412th time. everybody's gotta get their mind-altering chemicals somehow, right? On the plus side, I wrote more than the daily Nano quota today (but less than my own psychotic, self-imposed quota), work didn't kick my ass, and, wonder-of-all-wonders, my very good blogging buddy, KM Walton got herself a freaking mother of a publishing offer today. Ever hear of Simon and Shuster? That's who's going to be publishing Kate's book. Super huge helluva congratulations to you, Kate. Despite my own recent, 'less-than-chipper', writing experiences, I'm super-psyched for you. I can only imagine the mind-blowing over-joyedness you must be feeling now. Enjoy it, my friend, because there will only be one day in your life when you get the fantastic news that you are about to become a published author.


I promise to pay full price for your book when it gets published. Hardcover. And I shall be pleased to know that much of said cash shall go into your lucky-ass pocket.

What else? Oh. Halloween.

As you can see, we had one helluva good time. I love me some family holidays. And the title of my blog is, after all, 'Writing and Family and whatnot'.

One more thing: I would be super-honored if you would all click the following link. You know I'm a surgical technologist by trade, right? Ever wonder what happens behing those mysterious 'surgical-attire-required-beyond-this-point' doors? This video answers that question and so much more. (See me in drag, dude -- f'real)

Ray actually has a small amount of acting ability.


Anonymous said...

You are a deep well of creativity and imagination. Not only in writing but in your acting, drawing, playwriting, and your production talents, to say nothing of your success as a person! So I hereby award you the "Multiple Intelligence" tag which recognizes talent in all the arts. That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee but I just wanted to say it.

Anita said...

I think the no cigarette thing is really going to take this time. I'll follow the link later today...looking forward to it.

HUBBYMAN said...

I certainly enjoy Halloween, too! I'm really glad we have a copy of your video on DVD here. It's great!! I, ioo, love family holidays & am looking forward to many more this coming season.


Ronald L. Smith said...

Nice post, Ray. You are so right. I used to always be guaranteed a laugh whenever I stopped by your blog.

But that's okay. We all go through phases. As for me, hell, I haven't been blogging a lot either.

I've been wrapped up in my new YA story. I'm on the fourth draft and am hoping to query soon. I hope this is the one. I think it is a good idea but we shall see what the Fickle Agenting Gods have to say about that.

Frank Baron said...

Great pics. Looks like it was lots of fun.

No offense but "a little" acting ability is about right.... ;)

HUBBYMAN said...

Today is 11/11/10. Thank you, Ray -- and all of you Army buddies for your service. I have been thinking also about my Uncle Ralph, who was in the 10th Armored Division, and my Great Uncle who died on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day Invasion 13 years before I was born -- among many others. While I could never serve, for many reasons, I respect those who have. Hope your Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in Canada) was filled with thanks from us civilians.

Kelly Polark said...

Good luck with the no smoking!!
I love the Halloween pictures!!! One of my fave holidays!