Thursday, February 26, 2009


Don't feel much like writing today cuz of a nasty-ass headache. So thanks to Paul and his charismatic, inspirational ways, I did this instead:



Debra Lynn Shelton said...

So, in other words, you're having a good day? That's wonderful. I, for one, am glad you could share your happiness with the world. Keep smiling, Ray. You're an inspiration to us all.;-)

Kelly Polark said...

Take two aspirin and stick it through the triangle nose of the jackolantern and go to bed! (or does the pumpkin head prefer to sleep in the garden?)
Feel better, V!

shortensweet said...

Um...I think you might have been taking something more than asprin

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...

that was so sexy. wait til you get home friday nite.

oh yeah

maybe next time a little sean connery ;)

Sarah J Clark said...

At work. You have me laughing. Hard.

Feel better soon!

And DON'T post anything your wife felt inspired to do after watching this video.


Anonymous said...

Oh my hell - I have SO had headaches like that! You have ALL my sympathy. Not to be insensitive, but you even look like you have a headache in that video.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Dang Ray. I know those headaches. I hope you feel better soon.

Since I've quit work, I have far fewer of them. It's a great solution if you can talk your mate into it.

Do you have some good stuff to take for it?

Ronald L. Smith said...

Dude, you are hilarious.

Ray Veen said...

Debra - Thank you for your kind words, but... inspiration? Really? That's a brand new word for me.

Kelly - Of all things, my headache actually went away at work. Figures.

Shorty - You're pretty smart for a munchkin. I was actually taking ibuprofin too.

Cindy - Friday sounds good. Just you and me and Sean. (wink-wink)

Sarah - Now you have me laughing. Imagining posting those videos.

Wendy - Strangely enough, I was bravely trying to keep the strain from my eyes and the tremor from my voice. Alas, it seems I have failed.

Mary - I checked with Cindy. She says it's okay if you want to quit work.

Balthazar - Thank you, my friend. Welcome back to the light brown blog.

VeeFlower said...

You may have missed your calling. You should have been an actor! I loved this. Except...please, please tell me, it wasn't too much Guiness??!!

Vikki said...

How you did that whole thing with a straight face is beyond me. You must be in pain! I get those "set my head and fire and hurl it at people" headaches often. There's a pressure point in between your thumb and index finger on your right hand -- it's hard to find sometimes, it's almost like a little "nook" in that soft, fleshy part. You have to press it kinda hard and relax your arm completely, but it works! I swear by it. Meds often make my headaches worse, so that's my only option. That...and Guinness. (seriously, I hear in the UK, Guinness is a cure-all.)

Ray Veen said...

Mom - Remember when I made the obesity sensitivity video? The doctor that heads up the bariatric program tells me the same thing every time I see him. "I'm telling you, man, you're wasting your time writing."

Vivi - That thing you said about Guinness being a cure all -- for some reason that made me really happy. And I think I'm gonna honestly try the pressure point thing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link. I hope this does not mean I'm expected to do voices.

Elizabeth said...

So is that your real accent? Cuz you do it too well.
I'm sure inspiration will kick you in the ass soon enough and you will blow us all away--again.

Keri Mikulski said...

Feel better soon!

Jewel Allen said...

Do your girls beg for bedtime stories from you? Coz I can see you just enthralling them.

Ray Veen said...

Paul - Yeah buddy, rise to the vlog voice challenge or forever hang your head in shame.

Keri - Thanks Sporty Lady.

Elizabeth - I dunno. One of my medications must've been a stimulant cuz usually I talk slower and with poorer English. (Thanks for the last part of your comment - that gave me warm fuzzies)

Pink - Yes they do. And I've been telling them lies about penguins for years. Maybe I should post that video sometime soon.

VeeFlower said...

WEll, Yes, I agree, but you didn't answer my question, did you?! I honestly thought this video was hilarious, it never fails to make me laugh. You should post the obesity sensitivity training one again. And the penguin one...I would love to see that one again! It's wonderful.

Tracey said...

I'm jumping in here way late, so hopefully by now you're feeling better (or your head is a smoldering pile of pumpkin guts laying on the floor somewhere).
Just getting over a crap-sucking-head-burning sinus cold, so I feel your pain.

BTW, I like the accent. And apparently so does Mrs. V!

bunnyjo georg said...

Hey, just wanted you to know I sent you a message on FB. One that I guess I want you read.

Anonymous said...

Hellllloooooooo? Are you still there, or did your brain finally just explode?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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