Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blog re-calibration

This is beside the point, but all you would-be YA writers should read this article: "read this b4 u publish"

So I went and acted all lazy yesterday, and now I'm back. I got up early, and did something I've been meaning to do for a long time - EXECUTE MY BLOGROLL.

In all actuality, I think it was Blogger's new 'Blogroll II' feature that put them out of business, but whatever the reason, Blogroll hasn't been running for well over a month. And so. It has now lost it's place of honor in the temple of Ray. I spent 'many-long-time' typing all my links, and I've even added a whole crazy slew of new ones. So go ahead - look for your name. Basically if you've ever commented on my blog, ever, you're now an official 'Friend of V'. Good for you. Now go and tell people you know me. Cuz they'll be really impressed.

Or not.

Anyhow. Now that I know who's been blogging, and who's been hiding out in secluded cabins working on their revisions, I can get caught up. With all y'all.

For those folks who're owed some literary closure (from the 'Fiersom's Brood' fiasco), go ahead and wire me an email. As always, my addy's beside my profile pic. In return, you'll get a lovely attatchment containing the whole, 'fresh-out-of-the-oven', twenty-plus page document. I came very very close to uploaded it to Writer's Cafe and including a link in this blog post, BUT... then I became frightened.

Cuz this is stuff that somebody's about to try to sell. In other words, this book has become a marketable product.

Scary, no?


Tracey said...

Congrats! Great to see you've come out of the cabin with revisions in hand. Here's hoping your agent is thrilled with your tweeking. Can't wait to get my autographed copy of Fiersom's Brood! I'll proudly place it on my bookself along with the Margaret Atwood, Timothy Findleys, Anne Rice et al.

Serena Woods said...

Well, welcome back. While you've been gone, I've been sulking. Thanks for the encouragement. When things cool off and you have some reading time, keep me posted. You're the only complete stranger to read it.


K. M. Walton said...

Wow can that 13 year old boy write! You know, I saw Ralph Fletcher at a seminar for writing teachers last year and he echoed what that kid said. We need to let boys be boys is what his message boiled down to.

We shouldn't be afraid if a boy draws a monster chewing the head off of some living creature or writes a story about aliens attacking the school - of course, common sense and logic prevail here. If the boy has emotional problems it may be a red flag - but 99.9% of the time it is just a boy...being a boy.

We as writers need to realize that - thanks for sharing the editorial. Interesting point of view.

P.S. Your House of Revision is fantastical. Lucky.

shortensweet said...

Ya seems you're good writing luck started about July 4, 2008 when I got your first autograph. I'm thinking, that should be tradition. I should ALWAYS get the first autograph to keep the luck going.

BTW - I would like it if you got a little lake house, you'd have to share it. But incase you get extra money you don't know what to do with, i know a house that just SCREAMS for a hot tub!

Elizabeth said...

I'm all nervous leaving comments now that you are a published writer.

as if

Welcome back we all missed your insights and humor.

Next week I go into seclusion myself in my spa getaway. It will be a writing frenzie and I cannot wait...

Mary O. Paddock said...

Man, I gotta get on that mountain cabin list. All this time I've been trying to write/revise/think with four kids hanging around (Shouting: "Mom! Mom! Mom!" An alarmed me being interrupted in the middle of a brilliant bit of writing: "What? What's wrong" Cheerfully: "Nothing. I just wanted to make sure you were listening. Did you know that when cats eat lizards, they vomit them back up?")

Many thanks for your comment concerning blogging vs writing. Not that it's exactly a huge problem but sometimes a reminder doesn't hurt. I think I'm going to sticky note it on my monitor next to Christopher Moore's "why be a writer" advice.

shortensweet said...

BTW - my blog is NOT on your blogroll

that means NO christmas presents for you!

Ray Veen said...

Tracey - What have I done to deserve such honor? My book probably belongs a few shelves down.

Serena - With all of this behind me, I can finally get back on my reading schedule. And guess what? There's only one book on my 'to be read' shelf at this time.

KM - That article was particularly comforting to me, because it almost sounded like the kid was describing my book. Glad you liked it.

Shorty - I thought you knew? My vacation house is going to be a castle tower filled with robot servants. You're welcome to stay there, but they'll be programmed to eliminate anybody who doesn't speak with a highland brogue.

Elizabeth - I hope your getaway is as productive as mine was. Have fun, and write well. (Is this the thing where you're bringing your dog?)

Mary - Cats vomiting lizards? Sounds like you read the YA article. You know, with all your boys, you'd have a huge advantage if you chose to go that genre.

Shorty - Oops. But you've got to admit, you're kind of a hard person to find in a crowd.

Keri Mikulski said...

Thanks for the interesting editorial link. :)

bunnyjo georg said...

You are not the only Veen sibling to have a significant accomplishment as of late: I shampooed my carpet yesterday! The house was empty and thought, well! It's time! You know how it strain and work till your hammies are screaming all the while thinking, "Well, at least now I know it is clean even if no one else notices." So Grace walked into the house and instantly said, "Mom, you cleaned the carpet!" Wow....accomplishment!

Jewel Allen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jewel Allen said...

Bongrats, Ray!

(I really know how to spell, but when 'Congrats' came out twice that way, I had to leave it. :-)

I ALMOST want to re-do my blogroll, but it's too much work!!

Maybe I'll just camp in your blog and check out YOUR blogroll. :-)

VeeFlower said...

I love a newly cleaned carpet! It makes everyone feel better and I know they really will appreciate it. Good work, L!!!! (Good for the thighs, too, right!?)

Rayslady said...

hey sweetie,

i updated my blog but you don't have it on your list so anyway...

Ray Veen said...

Bunny - You are an inspiration to us all. And so are your carpets.

Pink - I appreciate your bongratulations. And as it turns out, Blogger's tool is a lot easier to add to. So. I'm hereby encouraging you to make the switch.

Veeflower - Bunnyjo is an inspiration to us all. And so is her carpet.

Mylady - Cute post. And I am too sweet. There were extenuating circumstances, as you full well know.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list for who's in at your future robot-staffed castle? 'Cause if I make the list, I promise to make everyone laugh at least every hour, and I'm just boffo at minor robot repairs. Something to keep in mind.

Rayslady said...

You're in, Blackbird, tenatively. During your initiation, you'll have to demonstrate your Scottish brogue by singing the U of M fight song.

Rayslady said...

How bout that? My wife is signed in and I didn't realize it. Something to check in the future.

Anonymous said...

I would rather burn in hell than sing the damn Michigan fight song

Ray Veen said...

I, of course, suspected you might feel this way. Which is why I suggested such ludicrousness. So that you would have the opportunity to express these pent up feelings of yours.