Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

I love the writing my kids bring home from school. Even when it's a complete lie. I'm gonna go ahead and post a little thing for you here, but let me offer this disclaimer in advance: we do not in any way, shape, or form, use our children as slave labourers.

Veenie-Baby-Land is still a happy place to live, and Child Protective Services need not be apprised of any suspicious-seeming, abuse-like activities.

Written by Brooke, age 7:


One day I worked super hard. I was super tired but my mom toll me I had too work the hole entire day but I was super strong so when the day was over I whent to bed. Then next morning I had too work even harder! We had too clean the rest of the house when I was done I went outside to help my dad and we were done outside. My dad said “thank you” and I was super happy and Dad said “you are super helpful”. I said “thank you”.


Cute, no? You see why I chose the above picture -- to prove that we do let her rest from time to time. (I wonder where she gets her ability to fabricate works of literary fiction?)

One last lil' thing: I'm on my last big push to edit Fiersom's Brood before I start querying. So I may not be super active on the super blogs over the next super week or so.


Anonymous said...

I remember working hard as a kid and how good that made me feel. Those were good days.

Last edits, gut check time. Edits are always tedious processes that go on far too long until it's time for the last one, then there are never enough edits.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Super. Just super. :)

colbymarshall said...

oh, children...

CJ, The Purple Diva said...

What a perspective from a 7 yr old...working all the time...work work work. Poor Cinderella!

bunnyjo georg said...

Your kids are so cute....I like them almost as much as mine. *wink-wink*

Chris and I were reminiscing the other day about Emily's Christmas list a few years back. We so wanted to get the kids everything on their lists, and we were working hard at it. SEmily's list had "Tenko the Dog." We searched high, we searched low and could not find Tenko the Dog. We asked a Toys-R-Us associate who asked another associate who called another associate and pretty soon we had a whole troop of people scratching their heads wondering where Tenko the Dog could possibly be. Wandering amongst the aisles I came across.....TECHNO THE DOG!!!!!!! Never, ever trust your elementary school kid's spelling or you'll end up looking like an idjit!

Tracey said...

Wow, you're mean! he he
BTW, love your new pooch!

Ray Veen said...

Thanks for stopping in, all you crazy party people. Sorry I didn't have enough Guinness to go around.

With regards to the winding down of the editing proccess: I'm feeling pretty confident right about now. I got six good reviews on Absolute Write, mostly from my blog friends, and on WritersNet, I got 15, most of them excitingly favorable. (WritersNet gets A LOT of traffic).

If you're interested, here's a link to that thread. Check out what Cara K said (second from the bottom). This was probably the most encouraging and validating compliment my writing has ever received.

Fiersom's Brood

So yeah. Next week I should be able to send out some queries.

Elizabeth said...

Kids are so awesome.
I'm sure I will keep everything they write too. I already keep everything they draw.
You go for it with the queries. I'm sorry my thoughts on it were not overly helpful.
I know you will do well!!!!!

Jewel Allen said...

Wow, great feedback, Ray. Way to put yourself out there! Good luck with the edits and queries.

Serena Woods said...

That is so cute. What a pretty little girl!

Anonymous said...

If your kids don't think they're being tortured, you're not being a very good parent! (At least that's what my mom always told me) *grin!*

Vikki said...

Awwww...I love that! Especially that she wrote about how much you appreciate her help! You're a good daddy, BPV!

I'm just entering that "kids say the darndest things" stage with my son. The other day I banged my knee, and as I was whining, trying to recover, he patted me on the back and said, "I sorry you hurt you knee, momma, but we all have problems." :>)

Ray Veen said...

Elizabeth - (and this goes for everybody who commented on my thread mainly to say that it was good) You were a lot more helpful then you realize. Because of all your positive feedback, I'm feeling confident and excited about the next phase of this project, which is the subbing. Usually I feel a kind of cold dread.

Pink - You actually read through the thread? Cool. As you can see, WritersNet gets a lot of traffic each day, and for the most part, its heavy trucks and SUVs. It's still my favorite place to go for crit - but you have to be very very brave.

Serena - I've been to your myspace and I saw your kids, too. Four beautiful daughters. Wow. God bless little girls.

Wenston - Did your mom ever tell you 'children should be seen and not heard'? Mine did. Hopefully she'll comment here so we can commend her on her parenting skills.

Vivi - Very cute. It sounds like your son might have a future as some sort of therapist. And who knows? Maybe he'll earn enough to support his parents.

shortensweet said...

Isn't this a picture of your son? Who btw I really hope plays football, I'm really liking going to the games it'd be nice to have someone other than a cheerleader to root for!

VeeFlower said...

A beautiful sleeping child...be it male or female...wanna kiss and pinch those precious flushed cheeks, SLAVEMASTER! Cinderella is alive and well at your house. But hey, I thought it was the younger twin that hated work.

Amost done with FB! Tomorrow you shall receive the full brunt of my editing skills. (Weak editing skills I might add.) So far, I really really like it.

Anonymous said...

First time over to your blog. I love letters that my children bring home. Just yesterday my son gave me a picture of us riding on a ride at an amusement park. He looked at me and said..."You know mom, you didn't take me to the fair this year!" ugh.

I save them all!

Love your blog!