Monday, September 15, 2008

Naught remains but a fond memory...

... and a hangover.

Saturday. The Michigan Irish Music Festival. We had one hell of good time. And now I'm paying for it.

Despite the heavy rain, the music went on in the Pub Tent and under the main stage band shell. Merry flutes and pipes, flying fiddles, the rhythymically beating bouhrain that made you want to jump up and start 'step-dancing' (think 'Riverdance'). All that, and free-flowing Guinness. Of course, by 'free', I mean 'copious amounts' - everything was actually a little pricey.

Which prompts me to mention all the drunk-money we spent.

I bought a CD set that I thought was fifteen dollars when in actuality it was thirty. We bought a sweet penny-whistle complete with instructional book and CD - thirty-five dollars - which we prompltly lost when we pulled it out to show it to some other drunk guy. We drank and ate and drank and ate, then washed it down with more drink. The music was incredible. The entertainers were entertaining (Irish people are funny - didja know?), and we eventually met up with my sister and some old good friends. Shout out to Rich and wife. So yeah. It was bliss. Sweet Irish bliss.

And then I got sick. I won't go into it in graphic detail, but yeah, here it is Monday morning, and I still feel kind of queasy. And you know what else? I was barely able to stagger to the stage yesterday to read my winning limericks. (I tied for first with this other writer I know)

If you're interested, here's a link to a good example of the entertainment: Seamus Kennedy

Okay. Now here's a link to my limericks from last year: Ray's Limericks 2007

And finally, a link to the best blog on the interweb: Is this supposed to be a joke?


bunnyjo georg said...

Bitterly, bitterly, bitterly bitter that you did not call us to join you. I heard you called another sister multiple times to join you. Hmph! And to think we just stayed home and did nothing!

Jewel Allen said...

Congratulations on winning!! Cool. the link to the best blog. I'm still laughing. :-)

colbymarshall said...

The best blog got me ;0)

Ray Veen said...

Bunny - I am so sorry. Would you have seriously come?

Pink - It was supposed to link to your blog. I must've mis-typed.

Colby - It was supposed to link to your blog. I must've mis-typed.

Elizabeth said...

Winning Limerick?!
Will you add that to your query letters?

shortensweet said...

Bunny, don't feel bad. I pretty much had to invite myself. I had to say, "I've ALWAYS wanted to go to the IMF, and no one would ever let me go with them." Then BPV said, "Too bad, it's a good time." Then I said, "I'll pretend like I don't know you if you let me hang out with you." Then he finally agreed after I sweetned the pot with a bunch of earwax tasting beer.

Speaking of BEER - This Saturday (20th) a party will commence at the normal place to see the Eyes of Red in Whitehall. I'm hoping to see Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Jo will attend as it is our Aunt's Birthday. I REALLY hope that you and Mrs. BPV can attend.

We have a DD - so come on with your dancin selves!

Ray Veen said...

Elizabeth - You know, I think winning the limerick contest two years in a row should count as some kind of publishing credit. But agents don't seem to think the same way I do.

Shorty - Earwax? EARWAX? How dare you speak of Guinness in this way.

Anyhow, I'm officially the worst brother ever. Can't make Redeye, you know why? We had to remortgage our house and sell our car and endenture our children - all to cover the financial foibles from the Irish Music Festival. And before you offer to spread a little of your immense wealth in our direction, you should also know that we've decided to avoid adult beverages for the next little while.

(It's Monday night, and I still don't feel good.)

Tracey said...

Congrats on your win. Watched your clip. Your pain was most palpable ... almost made me feel hung over myself. Burn. Nausea and spins without the booze.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Many congrats. I really loved the second limerick. 'Can't wait to show the video to my husband (who likes limericks). The festival sounds like a lot of fun, except for the hang over part.

'Never had Guinness, but I had a buddy I used to drink beer with college. Not a fan at all. Is there a similarity?

PS. I just noticed the slide show of Ms. V off to the right. Very sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there! Just for the music, though, not the beer. I can't stand the stuff (don't disown me yet!). I found out a couple of years ago that I am, apparently, a cheap date. Got ahold of some under-cooked Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and a half rack of ribs had me flying!

'sAlright with me though. People who drink can be very entertaining to those of us who don't. I can laugh right along with (pronounced "at the expense of") the rest of you who do.

Don't you know the cure for hangovers though? An Irishman once told me that a good shot of whiskey in your coffee will cure whatever you did the night before. Isn't that why they call it Irish Cream? LOL

Congrats on the limericks!
(Oh, and any time you don't want to be plain anymore, let me know. I'm getting rather practiced at changing these layouts around!

Ray Veen said...

Tracey - what gave it away? The mindless droning or the disheveled clothes and hair? The inability to recognize the time of day perhaps?

Mary - Guinness it the thickest, darkest, foamiest beer there is (and it does NOT taste like ear wax). Thanks for commenting on the slide show; Cindy and I have a lot of fun together and I just love to show her off.

Wenston - Did you seriously, seriously get a buzz from barbecue sauce? That is too funny.

(And Irish Cream in coffee is my second favorite drink - but only during the cold months)

Vikki said...

Wow, congratulations, BPV! I'm glad the festivities went on with all the rain. The perfect weather for a Guinness, really. Or ten Guinness'. (Guinness'? Is that right? What the heck is plural for Guinness? Guinnesses? No, that seems odd. Guinnessea? Guinnea? Okay, now the word has lost all meaning...)

Ray Veen said...

Hi Vivi. To simpify things, I'm going to authorize the limited use of a plural version of the word 'Guinness' for use only within the legally defined borders of the realm of cyberspace bearing the label, 'Bigplainv'.

Here-forewards and hence-after, it shall be called: 'Guinneeza - the consumption of more than one Guinness'.

Serena Woods said...

I've been to a Polka Festival in Northern Michigan. One of the best times of my life. I can Polka and Funky Chicken just as well as all the old people I was there with. So fun.