Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my first official thang

So this is it: my first official 'publishing credit'. This is an anthology of science fiction short stories that won the 2006 Illuminations writing contest (I was # 1), and my story is the very first one in the book. They've got a thing on me called an 'author's bio' and everything, so, yeah, it's a tad exciting.

Go to Amazon, order a copy. If you love it, rate it and review it. If you hate it, be sure to let me know so that any small spark of a dream that I have can be ground to ashes beneath the heel of the boot of cruelty that you wear on your leg of superiority.


shortensweet said...

Just ordered mine!
I want it autographed thank you very much - I deserve that after years of making you ramen noodles!

shortensweet said...

My book should be here tomorrow!

Ray Veen said...

Awesome. That officially makes you the second person to spend money on my writing.

(Veeflower ordered hers before I put this post up.)

You're the best, Shorty.

Roo said...

Congrats to you. I'm sure your family and friends are proud.

VeeFlower said...

Proud? Proud!? I am gonna strut my stuff girlfriend, everywhere I go, and say, "My son inherited my talent as a writer!"
(NOT. He has his own, much better talent.)
He worked hard for all he has and continues to work hard. That is why I am proud. Oh, and also because he has a number one story in an anthology on Amazon.com.

VeeFlower said...

I read it (again) and as I read it I was continually amazed...like where does Ray get this stuff!? Some of the science stuff sounds brilliant, but I wouldn't know, it's a tad over my head. It is a ripping good sci-fi story I am sure all will enjoy reading, with the thought in mind that you KNOW the author, personally!!!! Only one criticism. The title reflects the original ending, which was edited out to give more focus to the science/religion aspect of the story. I liked your original ending Ray, and wish they hadn't changed it. But it's still a cracking good story.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I've been meaning to get back to this for a week or so. Congrats Ray!