Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow Wars: Episode I

I'm raising a new generation of warrior - watch, and fear.


VeeFlower said...

Totally cute! These little vignettes just brighten up my day, they are so...Veenie!

shortensweet said...

I'm going to teach them how to AIM - then you'll be in trouble, I'll show them the best target is your butt - but only if you're on crutches :P

Unknown said...

Lol! (and as you know, I don't use 'lol' lightly)

Of course I got the camera out about twelve seconds after the wildest action died out.

bunnyjo georg said...

Oh, yeah, vicious beasts. The ferocity of their throwing was only matched by their vehement snow gathering. Grrrrr!!!!

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hey! I found you!

They looked like they were having a good time. Very cute.

The snow here doesn't work well for snowballs and snowmen. However I have a few shadowy pictures of some slumping snowmen made by the kid who's goal is to be the next Stephen King.


Unknown said...

Hey Mary, very nice to hear from you. One of your boys wants to be like Stephen King, eh? Building ominous snowmen sounds like a good place to start.