Saturday, December 29, 2007

welcome to the merger

I have successfully neglected two blogs for months now: a family blog and a sort of a social blog. The time has come to mush them together and make one big pile.

Thus, the neglecting shall be simplified.


Roo said...

It is now 2008! You should at least post about the new year.

shortensweet said... here's the deal. If it wasn't for Roo, I wouldn't have had a clue that this blog exists.

How about a post on the old blog to tell us about the new blog you dork.

Roo said...

Well I'm waiting and not so patiently might I add. I've been checking every couple days. Well I guess I won't check as often.

bunnyjo georg said...

What's the big idea? Merging zero with zero equals zero, apparently. Yoo better getcher buns a-rubbin! After all that razzing on me! Sheesh!

Unknown said...

Holy crap, people are commenting here?

Um. I haven't had time to start using this one yet - lots of renevation to do before moving in y'know.

VeeFlower said...

You still have to cook and sleep and defecate whether or not the boxes are unpacked and sitting in a big pile. In other words, I consider you moved in. Many await your thoughts and words and pictures.