Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We finally got some faster internet.

So, in order to test its upload speeds, Im gonna go ahead and upload something. Hmmmm.... how bout this?

In news of an unrelated nature, and to summarize everything I've been doing when I haven't been blogging (hang on now): twins are in cheerleading gonna get their pom-poms next week I started a new book and I'm eighty pages into it still haven't heard from my dream agent but came to the decision that I'll never ever grant an exclusive on partial manuscripts again because I've spent five months of the last year now just waiting on lone agents Chantze is doing well but he's in trouble because he kicked a crack in our kitchen island when he was mad at his sister Paige and then there's Hailie who had a choir competition this last weekend and her choir got all 'ones' which is the highest score and I have video of everything that I could post but I'm a lazy lazy man and I haven't even gotten them off the camera yet.

Huh. This video upload is taking a little while. Think I'll try a picture next, see how that goes.

Holy heck, that was fast. (Ain't Hailie purty) So yeah, we might keep this internet service. Along with the two new phones, which means we'll be shutting off our land line, which means we'll have new phone numbers, and new email addresses, so... be thinking about how best to memorize them.


shortensweet said...



Roo said...

Congrats to Hailie. Solo and ensenble is a big deal. I personally did it well more times than I care to remember. Let her know in high school she can get scholarships for doing solos and scoring at least 2's.
Ray I'm glad u r still writing. Keep it up. I'm happy the family is doing well.

bunnyjo georg said...

Wow, that video was cool! The music was perfect and made the story more interesting. Set the mood. That and your accent. Great teaser at the end, too. I hope you guys finished the story so I can see what heppens next! I do have to admit, though, I got a giggle out of Chantze's karate-type chop to the tree with the sword....that barely cut the bark. But hey, he's an artist, Jim, not a soldier!!!!


Unknown said...

Shorty - a thousand apologies, but through work, we got two free phones, a free wireless/aircard/modem thingy, and 20% off monthly service. You know I still love you and you're my favorite cell-phone girl in the wide world, right?

Roo - writing I am. Everyday, all day - unless I'm editing or researching or sending out letters and writing samples to agents. I really really think I'm getting close. And I will tell Hailie about the scholorships, I think she'll be interested.

Bunny - it's actually a fourteen minute movie. I just cobbled a few parts of it together to make a sort of a trailer. You should really see it - it's pretty cool. (he and I made it last summer).

shortensweet said...

what provider did you get? I'm hoping att! Since my sister loves me enough to get a phone with us, you're the only peeps who WOULDN'T be mobile to mobile.

Howda like them apples? :p