Friday, February 22, 2008

One-hundred Day

Yesterday was ‘100’ at school, and in honor of it, the twins had the following ‘Writing Bug’ assignment: ‘Happy 100th birthday! Would you want to be 100 years old?’

Brooke wrote:

I would never want to be 100. I would be old. The worst part of being 100 is you will sick easyer. I will rather be 20 than 100 years of old. Insted of smooth you would be recled (wrinkled) witch I don’t like. I would love to be smooth I would hate to be old.

Paige wrote:

We alwase have a chiold (cold) and will ware more chap stick. We will die shortly. I wold have strate long hare and pink lip stick and I’ll have a green dress and I’ll still have my necless that has my brown hart that’s made out of shells. I’ll live next door of Kendall’s hous. My life wold be different because I’ll live some ware els and my parents wold be ded.


bunnyjo georg said...

OMG, I love it!!!! Obviously, Brooke has an issue with wrinkles. Well! Interesting how Paige had it all worked out how she would look and what she'd be wearing and where she'd live. Oh, and you'd be ded. LOL!!

VeeFlower said...

OMG is right! I thought I would be ded laughing! I bet every one of my facial recles was stretched to capacity from the smile on my face! Love, love, love, what they wrote. I got this vision of Brooke staring at old people with horror because of their wrinkles, dreading the day she would lose her own smoothness! And of a terribly wrinkled Paige in ghastly pink lipstick....of course I would be ded by that time, too!

shortensweet said...

Where do your kids see old people? It would have been perfect if they mentioned wearing leopard print and smelling like moth balls :)

How did you get not just one but THREE adorable girls???? (Hailie, Brooke and Paige in case you were wondering.)

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I am enjoying parenting this particular litter.

I'm kind of glad I combined my blogs, too. I feel more motivated to post now that there's only one to update, and plus, by combining topics, I have more materiel.

bunnyjo georg said...

More motivated but still no time, eh? Well, I have the same excuse. Something about raising kids, keeping a house, working full time and other such nonsense. Truly, blogging should be our first priority!

shortensweet said...

knock knock?