Thursday, March 13, 2008

Laura's Life Story

Y'all are in for a real treat here. By popular demand... it's "Laura's Life Story"

(actually nobody came out and said they wanted me to post this, but, I can read minds through my new, blindingly fast internet connection)

I especially enjoyed the commode scene - whilst disappointed that the twins backed out - and the joke scene - did Hailie study that twenty-year-old video or what?

All-in-all, Mistress Shortensweet did a swell job of organizing the skit (and everything else - or so I'm told), and the girls did a good job of acting, and, having the guts to get up in front of everybody and be silly. Which is almost the same thing as saying 'get up in front of everybody and be Laura'.

Although I wasn't invited, and totally missed out on everything fun and funny and tasty and sat home with misty eyes and a growling stomach, I thought I'd throw in a few snapshots by Cindy. Just to show you what a good sport I am. (sorry about the exceptionally poor quality, think I need to adjust some settings on my camera or something)


shortensweet said...

the whole thing was a lot of fun. The girls did well and were a big help.
Hailie watched the video of Laura ONCE and we coached her. She did pretty good huh?
I really like how all of tha lauras fit each girls personality.
Sorry ray, you don't have mommy parts so you couldn't come.
Any pics from the party that night you can share?

VeeFlower said...

Awesome! It was so fun to see the skit again, since when it was going on it all seemed to happen so fast. I will watch this again and again. The girls were phenomenal, they just captured Laura's persona so well, how did they do it? Thank you for posting this.