Monday, August 8, 2011

"A Scary Good Book"

First of all, I apologize if you clicked here expecting a report of the SCBWI conference.  This is not that post.  Number one, I'm whupped (I flew all night, got home mid-day today, took a short nap, and now I'm at work), and number two -- the whole  experience was so indescbribable, I'm going to need to process it for a few days before I can actually talk about it.  Right now, the only coherent thing I have to say about it is... "Wow".

I'm actually blogging today to congratulate my friend Anita Laydon-Miller on the launch of her new, kid's ebook, A SCARY GOOD BOOK.  Also to help spread the word.  Which, if you don't see the subtle hint, means you should click one or both of these links.  You won't be sorry.

Twelve-year-old Hannah Stone tells everyone she’s “okay,” but that’s a total lie. Two years ago her dad was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The detective in charge of the case never found the driver, but he somehow managed to get Hannah’s mom to fall in love with him. The jerk. And speaking of love, Hannah’s developed a major crush on Ollie Ortega—he’s her best friend and the only one she can talk to—a crush on Ollie is so not a good idea.

Also not a good idea? Searching for a missing person with no help from the police. But that’s exactly what Hannah does when she finds messages in library books—underlined words that point her in the direction of someone who needs her.

And, suddenly, Hannah’s even further from okay. She breaks into a library, gets caught in a kidnapper’s web, and is stalked by her dad’s killer, all in an effort to save a life…but can she save herself, too?

Does that not sound cool?  Of course it does.  (I know you're not supposed to answer yourself when you ask a rhetorical question, but really, this book sounds so awesome, I had to.)

So go check it out.  And then in a day or two, maybe three, come back and hear about SCBWI.


Anita said...

Thanks for spreading the news! I can't wait to hear about your conference experience.
word verification: undrupe
(I think you might need some sleep)

Veeflower said...

YO! I am glad you are back! Very glad! Did I mention that I am glad you are back?

Mary O. Paddock said...

It does sound cool. Thanks for the heads up.

I'll be looking for your report. Meanwhile, rest. We'll all still be here.

Kelly Polark said...

I can't wait to hear about your SCBWI experiences!!
And congrats to Anita of course!!!

Ray Veen said...

Anita -- you're super welcome.

Mom -- I'm glad your glad I'm back, and thank-you. Although, if you remember, we discussed comments like that, and how they negatively impact my 'street cred'. (Just kidding, mom -- see you soon)

Kelly -- How's it going? Would you believe I was just going to click on over to your blog when I saw that you'd commented here? It's almost like when you pass somebody in the car on the way to their house, only neither of us has to slam on the brakes or make a U-turn.

SCR said...

That sounds really good. Also soooo jealous you got to go to SCBWI. I couldn't make the cross country trip. I did, however, nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check it out on my blog.

Sarah P. said...

As a librarian, I must say that any book that features library books, especially with creepy cryptic messages, sounds like a winner to me. Congrats Anita! I'll be checking this out.
Can't wait to see your take on the SCBWI experience. I have blogged my moment with Henry Winkler. Naturally, you should read it. ;)

Ray Veen said...

Sarah C -- I'd love to meet you at a conference someday. Next year, maybe? Thanks for the award, btw. It's going to have to be it's own blog post, probably this weekend, because I just wrote a monster of an update on SCBWI, and I couldn't squeeze it in. Please don't think me ungrateful. Cool-cool?

Sarah P -- Read your Winkler update, and liked. In fact, me liked so much, I linked to it in my own SCBWI post. That's okay, isn't it? Do I have to pay you a royalty now or something?