Monday, October 15, 2012

Beware the "Next Blog"

Ever click on Blogger's 'next blog' button?  I don't either.  Not in a few years anyway.  I read too many blogs as it is -- God knows I don't need to find one more to add to the list.  But for some reason, just now, I got this uncanny urge, and I clicked the 'next blog' button before I could stop myself.  Much to my surprise, I found myself at a very quaint and charmingly-written writer's blog.  Beautiful language, beautiful expression, beautiful sentiment.  I went to the comments to give them some well-deserved praise, and guess what the people there were talking about?

The untimely death of the poor blogger.

The moral to this story?  The 'next blog' button is cursed.  Never click a 'next blog' button, under any circumstances.  The 'next blog' button at the top of my page?  Absolutely off limits. 

I'm not kidding.


Kelly Polark said...


Vikki said...

Oh, holy hell. That is disturbing. When I hit "next", I usually get a photography blog all in German, or a blog about crocheting pot holders. But, wow, that's just sad and scary and sad.

Ray Veen said...

Happy Halloween, right?

I clicked it again and got ANOTHER writer's blog, which is coincidentally creepy in itself.

I didn't read the comments to see if they were living or dead.

Anonymous said...

How come I always get the ones in foreign languages? No way to tell who's a live or dead if you don't read Arabic.... LOL

Ray Veen said...

What up, Wendy?

Weird, cuz I really do get a lot of writer's blogs. So much so that I thought Blogger was digitally assuming my preferences.

Jean Davis said...

Eek! Note to self: Say no to next blog.