Friday, February 3, 2012

Look what's new...

Perhaps you're just now noticing, but things have changed around here.  Wordslinger used to look like this:

Now it looks like this:

(no image posted because, well... surely you can see what my blog looks like now.)

I made the change because I thought the old layout looked a little immature, too comic-bookish or something.  And since I'm quickly approaching the day in which I shall once more enter the query-arena, I thought it might be a good idea to portray myself as some sort of actual, adult-type person.  Legends speak of cunning literary agents who stalk the internet by night, watching from the shadows -- weighing the words we type when we don't know they're there.  And that's kind of a scary thought.  I sure wouldn't want prospective literary agents thinking I'm some kind of irreverent juvenile who lacks the professionalism of a fifth-grader.  Because that's SO not true.  

I really feel more like a high-school freshman.

So sling me some feedback here.  What do y'all think?  Is it still legible?  Is the page too dark?  Fonts too small?  Does my profile picture make me look like a girl?  Please note that all commenters will receive a post-dated, electronic check for one-thousand dollars in space-money, and my grand-children will mow lawns for their grand-children for the duration of one full winter.  (That's a 'Michigan' winter, FYI.)


Vikki said...

Oh, good...a Michigan winter. That means from October to July. Awesome! (actually, I shouldn't complain, we've been pretty lucky so far this year!)

I think the blog looks great, Ray. Very smart and definitely has the maturity of a high school freshman. :) I hope this means you'll be blogging more...?

Kelly Polark said...

Looks awesome, Ray! I love all the tabs. I'd love to do that with my blog, too!
Well done, sir!

bunnyjo georg said...

Me likey! Very nicely done, Word-Slinger! said...

Sure would like to read that query. Sigh. But since I can't, can you tell us what you are querying for? What project?