Monday, July 25, 2011

Elfhame cover samples

Before I get into this, I've got to make one thing clear: this book is going to be self-published -- but purely as an art project -- not because I've decided to give up on the traditional route to publication: I still have me plenty of traditional irons in the traditional fire. Elfhame just happens to be my favorite out of all my old, pre-agent books. I've always kind of fantasized about what it would look if it were illustrated, and what my ideas would look like through an artist's eyes, and that is what has been happening slowly over the last year. Nancy has done some amazing work, and someday hopefully soon, it'll be available for friends and family and anyone who happens to randomly click on it. Because no, I don't intend to put any effort into marketing it. I just want the dang thing to exist.

So here they are: samples of the potential covers for Elfhame. Hopefully you can click the picture to make it larger, because I'm real curious to know which elements and fonts and colors and whatnot are the most appealing. We already have a mock-up of our favorite parts all in one cover -- it's the leading contender for the final cover -- but I'm going to kind of hold that one back for now. Wouldn't want to influence anyone's opinion. Just want to know if the things we like are the things everybody else is going to like.


Vikki said...

Okay, my eye immediately went to the font on the very first cover. I really like that font...but I like the sort of "leather bound" look of the other covers. If you put the font of the first cover onto the second cover, that would be my favorite! I love the sort of celtic-knot looking frame around the title, and the size and placement of the silver ball-thingy is perfect.

This is so cool...I can't wait to buy it!

Anita said...

I like the ones with a bit of color...makes them look fresher, more now. So the one with the blue, and the one with the green. Very nice!

Taleah said...

I like parts of a few of them. Bottom left, love the size of the medallion. Bottom middle, I like color of that medallion better. Top right, I like that title best :)

K. M. Walton said...

They're all very cool, Ray. I love the top middle. But, I'd love it even more with the font from the top left - not the color, just the font.

Congrats to you.

Ray Veen said...

Vivi -- Oh yeah. I like the way you think. If this were a contest, you'd be in the lead.

Anita -- As you can see, we're leaning toward the leather-bound color, but I agree that's it's pretty crucial to inject a bit of color elsewhere. Thanks for playing, lady.

Taleah -- Yup. I voted for the bigger 'medallion' too. (If you get a chance to read it someday, you'll find out what that thing really is).

KM -- Cool. Valuable input from a nearly-published author. When is that going to happen, by the way?

Ethan Martin said...

I like the layout of the bottom left one, with the font and color of the top left. I am a total geek for SciFi, Fantasy type stuff. I am really looking forward to reading it.

Ray Veen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ethan. You know, if you're truly interested, I'm always looking for beta readers.