Friday, October 9, 2009

Talonshale update

Wanna hear something weird?

For the first time in my novel-writing career, I'm actually looking forward to the revision process. I finished my book last night, and I like it, but I'm kind of excited to see what it'll look like with all the poop scraped away.

I never used to mind the poop.

Talonshale stats: 308 pages, 35 chapters, 79,000 words, 5 weeks of writing.

And today I slept in.


K. M. Walton said...

You need to end that post with...
Boo Ya!!

...or, Holla!!!

...or, How You Like Me Now?

...or, Can I Get a What-What?

Ronald L. Smith said...

Congrats, brother. You deserve a nice restful weekend.

Vikki said...

Yay!!!! So awesome, V! May you only find little nuggets of joy beneath the poop!!!

Keri Mikulski said...

Good stuff!! Congrats!! And enjoy the revisions. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Do you feel accomplishment?

Ray Veen said...

KM -- How about 'woot'? Should I say that?

Ron -- That sounds good. Think I'll take you up on that.

Vivi -- Suddenly I'm having the mental image of sifting through a catbox.

Keri -- Thanks, lady.

Blackbird -- What are these 'feelings' of which you speak?

Unknown said...

Yea! I'm looking forward to revisions as well, but this will be my first time attempting them... Wish me luck! (I still have a chapter and a half to write before I get to this point...)

Bryan B. said...

Looking forward to revisions?

You're a sick man, Veen. Sick.

(okay, that's cool.)

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're finished just in time for NaNoWriMo, where you can race through writing an entire novel in just week!

Wait, what?


Ray Veen said...

Nisa -- I hereby bestow all good lucks and well wishes upon thee.

Bryan -- It's wearing off quickly, so, no need to point or stare or anything.

Mercedes -- I signed up for Nano as a "non-participatory-participant". I might actually write another story that's been sort of 'poised in the starting blocks', but that depends on how things go with my agent and the revisions.

The Girl with a Paper Face said...


Your blog is pretty impressive, and so is your humor. How good of you to share with us your progress with your novel! I'm excited for you!