Friday, November 14, 2008

And so it is done.

So I've spent the last few days in this lovely little vacation house here, putting the finishing touches on the latest revision of good old 'Fiersom's Brood. Thanks Wendy. Sorry about the beer stains and the broken window.

Anyway, now I'm feeling kind of 'writed out'.

Over the past two weeks, I've ripped my entire manuscript to tattered little shreds, stitched them all back together, then smoothed out all the wrinkles, then smoothed out some more wrinkles, then smoothed out some more wrinkles. Hopefully there aren't too many wrinkles left. Have I mentioned that revision is my least favorite part of the writing process?

Yup. I feel like a wrung out sponge. And now all I want to do is lay beside the sink for a couple of days, and let all the scummy dishwater evaporate from my body.

But I do have a treat for those of you who've read the book. Remember how I ended it with the phrase, 'Which is so rude'? It was kind of my own little joke. I thought it was funny that the main character ended the book complaining about the fact that the antogonist didn't explain very much, when I, the writer, deliberately left a lot unexplained. Get it? 'Which is so rude.' It was meant to be funny, but it ended up alienating a few people, including my agent.

So now, I have a real ending. With a denoument and everything. And I think it's pretty good. I'll share it with those of you who've read the book, so that you can get the 'emotional payout' that the book was apparently lacking.

But it'll have to wait a few days.

In the meantime: sponge, sink, dishwater -- I'm gonna take it easy for a bit.


Vikki said...

Welcome back, BPV! We were wondering how you were fairing with all the revs, but glad to hear you made it and that you're not in a straight jacket. That house looks lovely, btw. I've always wanted to haul myself away to a place like that to write.

Anyway, yes, sponge, sink, dishwater. Drip away, my friend.

Carrie Harris said...

YAY for finishing revisions! And Vivi is right; tres cool house. I'm starting to wonder why I've been revising in my basement.

bunnyjo georg said...

I'm with you, Carrie, I wonder why I do anything in my basement! Oh yeah...the laundry machines. That is what I call my husband and children - laundry machines.

BPV - way to go, bro, I knew you could do it. Fritz brought over ver 1 last night, and I had to pry it out of Grace's hands. I told her she couldn't read it till she gets her book report done. See how clever? SO - don't go sharing a denoument on a book I haven't read yet. Please. Give me through the weekend. I have no kids, no husband this weekend and the only things I MUST do are: eat, sleep, get my hair and nails done, and READ YOUR BOOK!

Jewel Allen said...

Congratulations, BPV! You did it! To "hole" out in such a house and surroundings... what a place!

You did all that smoothing out complete with new ending in two weeks; you make revising sound easy :-)

Jewel Allen said...
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Serena Woods said...

This is so exciting V!
That's a great little house!
I can't wait to read it.


shortensweet said...

YAY! I'm SO happy I'll get some closure. I HATED the way the book ended. Meanie.

VeeFlower said...

What a writerly place to put the finishing touches on a looks like a story in and of itself! I can just see this picture in a journal about writers: "Fiersom's Brood Author Finds Inspiration in Isolation." What they won't know is that you wrote most of it in a lively household with 4 kids and 2 dogs, in-laws next door, an active wife, and a full-time job!

Ray Veen said...

Vivi - Thanks for the welcome. It's good to have a place to go to do some intense focusing, but of course, this is only my second time imposing on my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

Carrie - You revise in a basement? That makes me feel bad. Unless it's a magical writing-curing basement.

Bunny - I hope you like the book, and I hope that the 'laundry machines' don't get in your way too much.

Pink - Oh no. Revising is not easy. I find it takes more concentration and sustained effort than any other part of the writing process. For me any way. Too much crap to hold in your head all at once.

Serena, my friend, I haven't forgotten you. I finally have a little window of freedom while my agent reads the revision.

Shortie - I'm not a meanie. In fact, I'm making things right. (although having people be disappointed in the end was, I guess, the point of my joke)

Vee - I agree. Except for the 'two dogs' part. Maybe someday I'll have my own vacation house that you can go to to put finishing touches on your writing.

Madison said...

Congrats on getting done with those revisions! Hope book sales go well!