Monday, March 31, 2008

Something handy for a change

I was researching some metaphysical stuff this morning, looking for some unique and creepy powers for the bad guys in my new book, and I came across the following article. It's completely sincere, it's practical in its application, and best of all, anybody with basic warlock powers can do it. Happy chanting!


Making Warlock Staffs: Go and find a long branch, or limb, about 1 and a half inches wide, and about a foot as smaller than you. Carve the skin off of it with a knife. Carve it so that it's the actual wood that's showing, not the bark or skin. Once you've carved what you feel is enough off, enchant it by doing the following. Sit is a mediataive position and place the staff in front of you. Grasp it with both hands and lift it a little off the ground. Start drawing energy directly into the staff itself. Once there is a lot of energy in it, make the energy burst out and surround it like a flame. In your mind it should be like the staff itself is powering up. While holding on to it tightly, tell it what you want it's use to be. If you only want it to have control over fire, than chant something like "This staff shall have the power over fire, and listen well to my every desire" in your head. If your experienced enough in warlocking, you can make it have control over all elements by chanting


Mary O. Paddock said...

Where'd you find this?

I'm reading "Wicca a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" It also includes the author's Book of Shadows. I decided if I was going to plant an FBI agent in the middle of a cult that practices witchcraft (sequel to the first book), I'd better have more than a passing aquaintance with the practices I'm going to be twisting to my own ends.

Did you know they actually use cauldrons?

VeeFlower said...

So, have you (or Chantze) tried this yet? Maybe you can make the stick spank the kids when they don't behave? Just kidding! Iknow your kids are great!

Ray Veen said...

Mary: I googled 'mental powers', and it brough me to some homepage for new age discussion groups. It had definitions of the different kinds of psychic powers and how to use them. As you can see, most of it was ignorant and simplistic - very amusing - but unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it. I just copied some stuff and moved on.

I should have posted the description of aquakinesis (the ability to manipulate water), that was a real gem too.

Mom: A magical, self-aware spanking stick? Great idea! I'm surprised I didnt' think of it. I wasn't seriously gonna try to make a warlock staff, but now... I'm so liking it.

Ray Veen said...

Oh, Mary, I forgot about the cauldron comment. Do they mix potions or hexes or something? Or is it just supposed to be healing-type concoctions? I thought Wiccans were supposed to be 'white-witches' - a misunderstood branch of innocent, tree-hugging, nature-magic practitioners.

Everybody else: I'm stringing together some pictures and video of the twin's little cheerleading practices, so, keep checking in for that. I'd like to get it done before the wedding this weekend, cuz I got a feeling those little upcoming adventures are gonna dominate the blogs for a while.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I was wondering. According to my reading Wiccans don't generally use the term "Warlock. I'm afraid I've already used this to identify the bad guy in my first book.

Wiccans are misunderstood, innocent, tree-hugging, nature magic practionera who just happen to use broom sticks for sweeping out astral debri (and all this time I thought that stuff was dog hair), cauldrons for mixing potions in (but only for good, you understand), wands (for directing spiritual energy, aka magic), and crystal balls (for scrying with). Lots of spells, dances and special gestures too.

Oh! And if you're interested, I have a handy spell for attracting money. It involves green ink, a special oil, parchment, green candles, cinnamon, sage and a special chant. Apparently if you do it just right, within a week you'll have enough money to pay the bill you're supposed to draw on the parchment with the green ink and sprinkled the spices on. I haven't tried it yet, but if the economy continues in this vein, I just might.

Silly me, all this time, I've just been using cinnamon and sage for cooking.

Ray Veen said...

Don't bother with the money spell. I'll send you this email that if you forward it to fifteen of your friends within five minutes, you'll be blessed with health, wealth and good fortune. Make sure you do it, though, because if you don't, bad stuff will happen to you. Seriously. I had this friend who.....