Monday, March 24, 2008

How we observed Easter 2008

Here you see the combatants, and below, a picture of those not battle-ready.

We had a ball with this Easter egg hunt, not so much as last year, but fun nonetheless. Before we began, I gave the kids strict instructions regarding the littler ones, “the bigger kids should help the littler kids, and you should leave the more obvious eggs for them to find.” Sound simple enough? Keep your eyes on Elia about two seconds after I say ‘go’.

Brooke had a flare up of her tonsils, and ended up sleeping the whole afternoon with a temperature that got up to 103.6 overnight. The other kids were very good to her, though, and collected extra eggs just for her. When we counted the total eggs at the end, we realized there were still some hidden, and several of the bigger kids ran back out and found five more, just for Brooke.

We missed having Grace and Brandi, and since I knew that the hunt would mostly be the younger ones (and since we were so cruel to them last year), I abstained from my usual pranks and shenanigans. It was a straightforward ‘find-the-egg-eat-the-candy’ hunt. No quiz, no chores, no competitions to get out of doing said chores, and no multiple-choice answers dealing with ‘poop’.

Hailie was actually disappointed.

I should mention, so that you don’t think we’re ‘bunny-worshippers’, we did go to church, and Aunt Wendy gave the kids an object lesson using colored jelly-beans to illustrate the Easter message. Now you can enjoy the video with a reassured mind.


shortensweet said...

Poor Brooke. I felt so bad for her. When I went in there and counted her freckles she was talking like her throat really hurt - the poor little girl.

It was a good time. Thank you for being such gracious hosts and hostesses.

And, you're welcome for me coming.

VeeFlower said...

Sing to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

Thank you, thank you, Veen family,
For celebrating 56 year-old-me,
Making a cake and candles too,
And a present, song, and hugs from you,
Easter eggs and weird in-laws,
New baby holding and Pepper's paws,
Food well-cooked and lots to spare,
I am really glad we were there!
Thank you thank you Veen family,
For being so nice and generous to me.
It only took eight bucks to wash my car,
And Brooke is all better (but now MY throat is sore!)
Sike. Love you all dearly.