Monday, February 11, 2008

A Shameless Ploy by Ray Veen

When you Google "Ray Veen" these days, this is the first link that comes up. So if you're looking for me or my blog, good news, you're within spitting distance.

Just click here, and your journey shall draw to its conclusion.

Welcome to Ray Veen's newer blog. Don't be puzzled if Ray Veen types the words 'Ray Veen' a lot in this firstish post because Ray Veen thinks that if people that know Ray Veen or want to know Ray Veen should happen to google the words 'Ray Veen' then this post about Ray Veen will show up. Ray Veen hopes that this is so; otherwise Ray Veen has foolishly wasted his time typing 'Ray Veen' over and over, to the point that Ray Veen is sick of his own name: Ray Veen.

Hmmm... Ray Veen thinks he will try it now.


Unknown said...

No. It didn't work. Bummer.

VeeFlower said...

Try calling yourself "Britney Spears" if you want people to google your name and read your blog. Just a suggestion.

bunnyjo georg said...

Hmmm....I wonder why it didn't work. I notice on my site meter that my blog pops up with all kinds of google searches. Well, one thing I have going for me is that I've had almost eight thousand hits on my blog so far. Maybe that makes a difference versus a new blog? Dunno. BUT...your ploy should have worked. Try EgoSurf. That might pull your blog/name and give you a boost.

Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons why plugging in your name didn't get you more hits on Google is because, ironically, you used it too much. Google filters searches that have the word appear more than 10 times in any one specific length of text.

Mainly, of course, for the same reason that you just made an example of.

After all, if Google didn't filter out searches that way, our top hits would become a series of links that were rated on how many times the word(s) you searched for were shamelessly plugged into a single paragraph of text. ;)

~Andrew A.

Unknown said...

Huh. Now Ray Veen feels stupid.

Thank-you Andrew A, whoever you are, may the cyber-gods smile on your own web-based endeavors.

Monica said...

i wonder if Andrew's last name is anonymous. wouldn't that be freaky?

how can you find out how many times people click on your website.